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Software Desktop:Comprehensive Desktop with all the measuring functions just a click away.Simontaneously with the measurment you will have the result display of the measurment in front of you on the software desktop

Auto Alingment: The locatio and orientation of the path are automatically adjust.There is no need of manual alignment or prepration of any fig or picture to start the measurment.

Tolerance Type: Supportes more then 10 type of tolerance setting display in color coded pass and fall output.if thier part or feature doesn't measure up .you will know it immedietely.All out of tolerance feature display in red.(1)location(2)size(3)form(4)orientaion

integreted Spc:Inbuilt trand monitoring and statical evalvuation of any measured quntity is a prominant feature of the software.

Report Gerenation:Fully customizable report format with color coded pass/fail .conform to your ISO specification and send data directely to the ASCII excel or any SPC progrram.

Easy to do programming:The software provides flexibility to make new programes for new parts which are not part of standard software menu.the new software can be eaisly link to data management module for generating reports according to any latest standard.

Deviation analysis:An advance feature to analysis any 1000 points on the sample helps in understanding the variations in details.

Construction capabilities:Construction of mid lines bold hole circle,mid point,intersaction of to lines etc. all 2D construction are possible in this software.

Sub pixel image processing:Image processing to detect the edges is at sub pixel level down to 1/10th-1/100th which inproves the overall accuracy of the system.


Model SVI-PQ-36 SVI-PQ-64 SVI-PQ-Z40
Field of view Fixed-36x27mm Fixed-64x48mm varible from 40x30mm to 4x3mm
Accuracy +-5um +-5um +-3um
Repeatability +-3um +-3um +-2um
Illumination Surface LED LED LED
Illumination Counter Green LED Green LED Green LED
Z axix movement 30mm 30mm 30mm
Power supply 110/220V @ 50Hz+-5%
Max component weight 3 kg (vertical model) and 7 kg (horizontal model)
Machine weight 25kg
Interface USB/Ethernet
Optional Hardware Laptop with win 7/8 operating system
Camera 5MP sony industrial camera
Base plateform and coloum Metal
Setup horizontal/vertical
Quick manual measurment Optional
Auto alignment 360 degree compensation
Max measurment points 10,000