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Applications: The machine cuts metallographic specimen with thin grinding wheel of rotating speedily, which is fit for cutting harder metal materials. The machine has cooling equipment that will take off the quantity of heat produced when cutting, which will prevent sample too heat from changing organizations metallographic sample
Technical specifications:
Specifications of grinding wheel piece: 250*2*32mm
Rotation speed: 2800R.P.M
Motor: 1.1KW
Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Overall dimension: 470*390*360mm
Net weight: 60kg



It can facilitate polishing and watch properly the ideal material structure and measure the hardness of the material by hardness tester. The inserts for this machine are limited to thermosetting materials only .The punching temperature of different thermosetting materials can be adjusted depending upon the features of materials .


Thermosetting materials Diameter of specimen Volume of inserted powder Heating temperature holding time for cooling Area formal degde

Molding Powder Insulating Molding Powder (black)
Ø22 10ml 130° 10min 15min Ø22 10ml 135-150° 8min 15min
Ø30 20ml 130° 10min 15min Ø30 20ml 135-150° 8min 15min
Ø45 35ml 130° 10min 15min Ø45 35ml 135-150° 8min 15min