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“GZM-655 Series” Zoom Microscopes are recommended for Research and investigation to observe true and erect magnified images with optimum resolution and contrast as well as a perfect three dimensional effect. In addition to their use in science and teaching , “GZM-655″ is an invaluable Microscope for quality control and inspection in Industries. It is also offered with Dark Field Attachment for Embryology, Polarising attachment for geological specimen and an invaluable Jeweller’s Microscope.
A high Resolution Zoom Microscope for perfect three dimensional effect and true erect image with optimum contrast.
Zoom Head 45O inclined, 360O rotatable, with twin Zoom Objective 0.6x-5.5x with 9:1 Zoom ratio.
High eyepoint wide field eyepieces SWH 10x (standard), Optionally WF 15x, WF 20x & WF 25x.
Standard magnification with WF 10x eyepieces, 6x-55x, extendable from 3x till 330x with optional eyepieces and auxiliary objective.
Supplied with built in transmitted and flexible incident illuminator, optionally offered with fiber optic and fluorescent illuminators.
Also offered with US-2 cross arm stand, FM-1 long arm stand etc. to meet specific needs.
Trinocular model recommended for Microphotography and computer compatible video equipments.