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Based on the Analog Shore Durometer, the Digital Hardness Tester (Durometer) is used for the determination of the indentation hardness of rubber, plastic, leather, wood and other similar materials.

The force is applied by a specially designed spring contained in a load cell screwed on to the body of the tester. The load cell can thus be easily replaced in case of wear & tear after a long use.

To eliminate errors resulting from various contact pressures applied by the operators, these testers have further been provided with very special springs contained in the outer body giving a specified contact pressure remains constant as per international specifications irrespective of the operator's hand pressure-resulting in very accurate readings.

These instruments are highly portable. The digital display gives readings upto 0.5 Shore unit and misreading of the scale are avoided.

Salient Features

"SET","ZERO" and "HOLD" facility

Large clear digital display

Battery operated - 1.5 v, SR 44

Digimatic output from 0 to 100 units.

Manufactured in accordance with International Standards


Digital reading graduated from 0-100 Shore-A Nos.


MODEL : SHR - A - Di - Y2K

MODEL : SHR - D - Di - Y2K



Shore-A Shore-B
Indentor Truncated cone Pointed cone
Least count 0.5 no. 0.5 no.
Power source 1.5v button-cell battery 1.5v button-cell battery
Display 3 digit LCD 3 digit LCD
Dimensions 45ø X 60 ø X 165 mm 45ø X 60 ø X 165 mm
Operating buttons SET, ZERO & HOLD SET, ZERO & HOLD
Net weight 450 gm 450 gm
Gross weight 1100 gm 1100 gm


These hardness testers have been designed to comply with DIN 53 505 and ASTM-D- 2240 and enable the hardness according to Shore to be rapidly determined.

The tests must be performed by mechanically unstressed specimens. The standard specimens should have a dia of 30 mm and a minimum thickness of 6 mm. Thinner materials can be placed layer upon layer until this minimum thickness is achieved. The surface to be tested must be flat and smooth.

Shore-A suitable for softer and medium hard varieties of rubber