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Resilience is as important a property of rubber as hardness, if not more. If you overlook to measure resilience, you have overlooked one of the most important properties of rubber which determines the quality of your product.

Useful wherever rubber is used for industrial purpose and rubber is used mostly because of its resilience properties. Specifically used for developing compounds to absorb vibration. The lower the resilience, the less is the transmissibility of vibration. Used for developing rubber rollers for typewriters, printing presses, etc., and for tyre manufacturing industry, rubber tiles and allied industry


Resilience & hardness complement each other and both together determine the quality of rubber. Two compounds of rubber are not identical unless the resilience as well as hardness of both the components are identical. For example, two polymers may both give reading of 70 Shore-A numbers, but one may read 50 on resilience testing and the other may not read more than 10. Hence, there is no relation between hardness & resilience and both must be determined separately.

Resilience of rubber is defined by the American Society for Testing of Materials (A.S.T.M.) as the energy returned by rubber or similar material when it is suddenly released from a state of strain or deformation. The energy returned, expressed as percentage, or simply, it is determined as the ratio of rebound height to drop height of a standard metal plunger:


Resilio-Tester is very easy to operate. It is portable and compact for on-the-spot testing in the shop and is robust in design to give a long life if normal care is taken. Specimen is to be placed on the table and the hammer released by the touch of a finger on a release lever. The plunger falls down by gravity and after hitting the specimen, rebounds. The height of the rebound measured on an anodised scale is the measure of resilience of rubber. A marker is provided to assist taking the rebound readings.


Deluxe wooden box
535 x 305 x 100 mm
9.00 kg