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Adept Inverter is suitable for Adept Strip Chart Recorder. Normally healthy AC Input Voltage is provided at the output. In case AC Input Voltage become unhealthy (power failure, under voltage, over voltage), the DC Input Voltage is converted to quasi square wave AC and is provided at the output. Thus providing uninterruptible power to the Recorder.


Rugged to withstand harsh environments

State of the art circuit techniques

High long term stability and reliability


DC Input Voltage

24, 48, 110, 220 V DC (+/-) 20%

AC Input Voltage

110, 240 V AC (+/-) 15% 50 Hz

Output Voltage

110, 240 V AC, 50 Hz

Output Capacity

1 or 2 Nos.of Adept Strip Chart Recorder

VA Capacity

15, 30 VA


Adept Strip Chart Recorders.