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Temperature sensor manufacturers Rajkot India

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensors are available at Krupatech Pvt. Ltd. from industry leading manufacturers. Krupatech Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized distributor for numerous temperature sensor manufacturers including thermocouple, MI-thermocouple,RTD & more. Please view our huge selection of temperature sensors below.

Pressure sensor manufacturers Rajkot India

Pressure Sensor

A pressure sensor is a tool that senses pressure and translates it into an electric signal where the amount depends upon the pressure applied. Krupatech Pvt.Ltd. designs and manufactures pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element to system packaging for rough environments. We are an industry front-runner for our range of both standard and custom pressure sensors, from board level components to entirely augmented and packaged transducers.

Water level measurement equipments


Level Measurement in water and waste water treatment plants is essential for efficient monitoring and control of water treatment cycle. Krupatech PVT. LTD. offers its perfect solutions for water and waste water treatment plants for different applications like pumping, storage and pipe lines including simple control switching and precise monitoring of water to avoid wastage and dry run.


flow meter is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. Krupatech Pvt. Ltd. offers variety of quality and affordable flow instruments.

Convert and Communicate Instruments

Control Convert and Communicate

We have the Control,Convert and Communicate Instruments which are required for indication and control of process parameters. We offer the Instruments as per the client’s requirements. Details of our range of Control Instruments, are given below.