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Level Limit Switches

They are used for controlling machinery as part of a control system, as a safety interlocks, or to count objects passing a point. A limit switch is an electromechanical device that consists of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts. When an object comes into contact with the actuator, the device operates the contacts to make or break an electrical connection.


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SLM – for Solids

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Elixir-T – for Liquids

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Elixir – for Liquids

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Vital – for Solids


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SLA Series

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Coat-Endure-T – Compact Switch For Sticky Media

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SLA..M / B

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Coat-Endure-T – Compact Switch For Sticky

Other Product


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Float & Board Type


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Vibrosonde – for Solids


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SLC Series


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SLMR Orbit Paddle


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Conductivity Type Level Limit Switch