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A vibrating rod is kept in mechanical vibrations at its resonance frequency by piezo-electric crystals. When the service material covers the rod probe, vibrations are damped which is sense electronically and processed signal is used for switching.


Suitable for High temperatures up to: H1: 150°C, H2: 200°C

Low power consumption, less heat, durability

Universal Power Supply: 19-265 V AC & 11-55 V DC

Independent of material’s electrical properties

Universal Power Supply – 18V – 55 V DC , 90 -265 V AC

Fast switching


Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Resonant Frequency

___ Hz to ___ Hz

Probe Length

Extensible probe length from 250mm up to 3 meters



P5:IP-65 Weatherproof housing

FA:Flame-proof for Gas Groups IIA and IIB

FC: Flameproof for Gas Group IIc

Process Connection(Mounting Arrangement)

Threaded Mounting: 1-1/2”, 2” BSP/NPT

Flanged Mounting: As per specification

Extension Length

Pipe GI / SS: 250mm to 3 meters

Probe Length

Extension Length + Rod Length

Wetted Parts and Mounting Material

S4: SS-304

S6: SS-316

Process Temperature

A (Ambient): below 100°C

H (High temperature): up to 150°C

Input power supply & Outputs

D: Universal Power Supply 18-55 V DC, 90-265 V AC, Single-point two potential free relay outputs rated at 6A

S: Universal Universal Power Supply 18-55 V DC, 90-265 V AC

(1.) Singe-point – Single relay (Rated 6A)

(2.) Open-collector PNP output, max 100mA non-inductive load

M: 24VDC – 8/16 mA 2-wire Loop powered current output

N: N: 8.2V Namur type current output (ION = 2.2 … 2.5 mA, IOFF = 0.8 … 1.0 mA)

Namur compliance can be attained with a Namur certified isolator.

Power Consumption

Less than 3 VA

Fail-safe Setting

Field selectable (through toggle switch)

Open: Fail-safe High, Close: Fail-safe Low

Response Time

1 sec: When covered

2-3 sec: When uncovered

Time Delay Settings

Cover and Uncover delay: 1s/3s to 20s, through toggle switches

Sensitivity Setting

Field selectable : Through toggle switches

Applications Specifications

For all Industries requiring level limit detection in Free Flowing solids including:

Powders, sand, sugar

Pulverized coal

Food grains


Granular material

Switching Indication

2 LED’s

Red: Alarm, Green: Normal