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Coat-Endure is an improvement over traditional principle of admittance. The ring type probe has alternating active and inactive regions,which help the controller to calculate the extent of coating on probe. In effect the device is able to identify the relative coating between sense and the shield by measuring their individual capacitances. As the coating immunity is controlled by the on board microcontroller, the extent of coating immunity can be set easily.


Suitable for conductive and non-conductive media

Power Supply: 12V –30V DC

Compact probe lengths : min. 65mm

Easy to clean tri-clamp mounting for hygienic applications

Material Independent calibration, faster installation and commissioning

Immune to fluctuations in process parameters like temperature, dielectric constant of the media and variable build up patterns

Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Probe Length

Extensible probe length from 65 mm – upto 300 mm


P5:IP-65 Weatherproof housing

Process Connection(Mounting Arrangement)

Threaded Mounting: 1-1/2”, 2” BSP/NPT

Flanged Mounting: As per specification

Probe Type

Refer to Application Specification before deciding on your probe

PP: Part-PTFE insulated Rod Probe

FP: Full PTFE insulated Rod Probe

PE: Part-PEEK insulated Rod Probe

Wetted Parts


S6: SS-316

Process Temperature

A: Ambient below 100°C

H1: High temperature: 100°C – 150°C ( Stand-off- 100mm)

HX: Extended Temperature Range with customization

Input power supply & Outputs

P: 12 V to 24 V DC PNP output

N: 12 V to 24 V DC NPN output

Power Consumption

Maximum: 3W at 24 V DC with 90mA load

Fail-safe Setting

Field selectable (through electrical connections )

Response Time

Depends on the application media. e.g. for dry sand response times are:

1s Cover Delay

1s Uncover Delay

Calibration Settings

Performed with the help of a magnetic key

Without Material (Non-conductive media)

With Material (Conductive media)

Sensitivity Setting

5 Point sensitivity setting

Field Selectable (through magnetic keys)

Applications Specifications

Coat-Endure-T is suitable for wide variety of powders, solids, pastes, slurries and liquids where Dielectric Constant (Er) > 1.4

Note: Coat-Endure-T probes are application specific, for some applications it might be necessary to use a certain kind of probe. Please refer to the table before ordering your instrument, in case there is a doubt please contact our application engineers to study your application

Switching Indication

2 LED’s

Red: Alarm, Green: Normal