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Capvel series of instruments measure the capacitance between 2 terminals, the sense rod and the ground terminal. The metallic tank wall acts a ground terminal. In case of non-conductive tanks, a still well is used to provide a ground reference.


4-20 mA current output, RS-485 Modbus-RTU, Voltage output

Adjustable turbulence immunity

Three relays for programming three levels independently or as pump control logic

Wide range of probes, used as per the application: Low dielectric media (Diesel, edible oil), Other free-flowing media, Dielectric independent probes

Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Probe Length

Extensible probe length from 150mm – up to 3000mm


W: Weatherproof

P5: IP-65 Weatherproof Housing

FA: Flameproof for Gas Group IIa and Iib

FC: Flameproof for Gas Group IIc

Process Connection(Mounting Arrangement)

Threaded Mounting: 1/2” , 3/4” , 1 1/2”, 2” BSP / NPT

Flanged Mounting: As per specification

Probe Type

Refer to the application section before deciding on your probe.

Rod Probe

FP: Full-PTFE insulated Rod Probe

Rope Probe

RP10: Part-PTFE insulated Rope probe, SS rope with 10mm thickness

RF10: Full-PTFE insulated GI Rope probe with 10mm thickness

Extension Length (L1)

Pipe- GI/SS: 200mm – 3000mm

Probe Length

Extension Length + Insertion Length (L3) + Grounding Length (L2)

Wetted Parts

S4: SS-304

S6: SS-316L

Process Temperature

A (Ambient): below 100°C

H1 (High temperature): 100°C – 150°C (Stand-off: 100mm)

H2 (High temperature): 150°C – 250°C

Input power supply & Outputs


Input Power Supply: 24 – 55 V DC

Outputs: 4-20mA (max. 750 ohm of load)


2-wire Loop Powered blind transmitter


2-wire Loop Powered Capacitance Transmitter with LCD readout

Power Consumption

Capvel-LP and Capvel-LP-LCD Max. 21mA at 24V

Capvel-I Max 125mA at 24V

Applications Specifications

Application Material

Dielectric Constant > 2

Switching Indication

2 LED’s / LCD display

Red: Alarm, Green: Normal