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A RISC core microcontroller of the tank gauging hardware, utilizes the pressure ­to­ level information sent by the DPL­ sensor, and converts it faithfully to Volume and Mass depending on strap­-chart and density information provided in its configuration. 24 Bit ADC and 32 bit arithmetic along with spline ­curve based strap-chart evaluation algorithm ensures the true indication of volume and mass of the material inside the tank.


Low Power Consumption: Less heat, long life; Maximum 2.4 watt

Wide Range Power Supply: 90 to 265 V AC; supports all on­board supplies

High Resolution Output: 7 digits; down to 1 litre volume resolution

Immune to turbulence: Rolling ­Pitching neutralizing algorithm

USB ­ RS485 Interface: Easy calibration, easy configuration

Mass, Volume & Percentage Display: Strap-chart editing

Password Protection & Retrieval: Security against tempering or unintended editing; password retrieval if forgotten or lost

Galvanically Isolated 4-20mA 1000 Ohm series load @ 24 V DC loop supply

Thermal drift compensated stable operating characteristic

Compatible With IPMS (Integrated Platform Management System)

Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications


Cast Aluminium, weather­proof for local indication types and breather units

SS or MS (Powder-coated) panel for multiple panel and distribution box

Cable Entry

Single / Double compression gland

Ambient Temperature

0°C to 70°C


Screw: 1″ to 1 1/2″ BSP / NPT (M)

Flanged: As per order

Material: SS / MS (Plated) to hold DP sensor



Single Channel: Wall mounting

Multi Channel: Panel mounting


85 to 265 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz

Power Consumption

Less than 2.7 VA


4 to 20mA, Max load @ 24Volts: 1000 Ohm proportional to level, mass or volume

Calibration & Strap Chart Entry

On­board 8 digit display and 6 key keyboard. Also through RS­485 interface

Information Display

Level, mass & volume display selectable

Alarm Outputs

Two onboard relays selectable for level, mass or volume (independent combination)


PC interface for strap chart entry and tank technical database management. This will eliminate the tedious strap­chart entry in case of unit transfer from one tank to the other.


Data Entry

Single Channel: 6­ key keypad & PC interface

Multi Channel: 12 ­key keypad & PC interface


Password Lost and Retrieve

2 point calibration for tank & sensor

4­-20 mA for Level / Mass / Volume

Password Change


Strap-Chart (Tank Table),

Two alarm relays for Level / Mass / Volume

Power Supply

90 to 265 V AC @ 50/60Hz (2.4 W max), 24 V DC optional

Diagnostic Functions

Sensor Error, Under­-range, Over­-range, Strap-Chart Entry Error, Calibration Error

Alarm (2 Relays)

Settable in Level / Mass / Volume independently

Single point and 2 point alarms per relay

Fail­-safe selection Cover & Uncover delay settings

Alarm Outputs

Two onboard relays selectable for level, mass or volume (independent combination)

Accuracy & Conversion

Better than 0.5% of full scale smoother level to volume interpolation

Applications Specifications

Fresh­water, Distilled water, Fuel­ oil, Lubricating oil, HSD, Bulk measurement in shipping vessels