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Air Relay Ranges

process control instrument manufacturers in rajkot

Switch type

Air Relay

Repeatability(% FSR)

± 2

Range covered

0.067 bar to 25 bar

Enclosure Protection

IP 66

Enclosure Material

Pressure die-cast aluminium

Sensing element Standard Optional

Diaphragm Nylon reinforced neoprene diaphragm protected by Teflon SS 316L , Teflon

Pressure housing Standard Optional

SS 316

Other Wetted Parts

SS316, Teflon

Optional wetted parts through chem. seal


Temp. of working medium

For non-metallic diaphragm: 80°C maximum. For metallic diaphragm: 150°C maximum. For higher temperature, please use impulse tubing/chemical seals.

Switching element

SPDT Snap action switch A1 : General purpose rated at 15A, 250 VAC, 0.2 A, 250 VDC resistive. microswitches with gold plated contacts, hermetically sealed etc. also available