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Adept Multifunction Power Line Transducer 2052 measures various electrical parameters of 3 Phase 3 Wire or 4 Wire electric power system and transfer the values by Modbus RTU Protocol. The values are available through an galvanically isolated RS-485 Half Duplex Communication .


Rugged to withstand harsh environments

State of the art circuit techniques

Galvanic Isolation between Input/Output/Auxiliary Supply

DIN Rail, Panel Wall mounting

High long term stability and reliability


Input Current

0 – 1 A, 0 – 5 A AC (Programmable)

Input Voltage

63.5, 110 V, 240, 415 V AC

Electrical Network

Single Phase, 3 Phase 3 Wire, 3 Phase 4 Wire


RS 485, Half Duplex, Modbus RTU Protocol

Auxiliary Supply

80 - 300 V AC/DC, 18 - 60 V DC, Self Powered


Electric Utility

Motor and Power Control Circuit

Process Monitoring and Control

Energy Management

Feedback Control Elements

Panel Monitoring, Recording and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Captive Power Plants