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Adept introduces fully isolated or non isolated 2-Wire DC Current Transmitter.It produces a calibrated 4-20 mA DC output current directly proportional to the input DC Current. The controlled current output is unaffected by variations in supply voltage, interconnect and load impedance (within specification limits) to provide a highly accurate output current over long distances.


High Accuracy

State of the art circuit techniques

Rugged to withstand harsh environments

Complete Galvanic Isolation between Input and Output (Applicable for Isolated Model only)

Reduces noise and protects against transients

High long term stability and reliability

DIN Rail, Panel Wall mounting


Input Range

4 - 20 mA DC

Output Range

4 - 20 mA DC, 2 Wire Type Supply 24 V DC (+/-)20%

Response Time

Less than 200 mSec.


(+/-) 0.5%


Required or not


Isolation of Control Room Equipment (PLC, SCADA, DCS etc.) from Field Transmitters (Applicable for Isolated Model only)